Stephanie Shea, a former side-chick, destiny navigator, pathfinder, author, and speaker that empowers individuals to make destiny decisions.  She uses guiding principles like: patience, faithfulness, self-control, integrity and honesty to influence individuals to make good conscious dating decisions.  Stephanie cultivates a community of singles to enjoy dating, to want better for themselves in the area of love, and to protect their destiny while preparing themselves to meet their purpose partner.  She works with singles to break through the barriers that keep them from their God design.

As an experienced adviser and speaker, Stephanie has impacted lives through singles workshops and speaking engagements. Her first workshop Singles Women Guide to Godly Dating has inspired a movement within the church that it is okay to talk about sex and dating in the House of God.  Stephanie went on to teach more workshops on Finding God Best, and Andy Stanley’s New Rules to Love, Sex, and Dating. As well as workshops, Stephanie keynote speech “The Decisions You Make Determine Your Destiny” talks about a former side chick in pursuit of love for all the wrong reasons.  She has written a weekly relationship column for the Black Singles Network.  With her soon to be released debut book “Jump-Off No More!...a former side chick tells her story of being caught up but through faith was redeemed and restored".  This book will provide clarity and freedom to individuals who was the side-chick, who wants to avoid becoming the other women, who wants to break generational curses, and who want to become the right person worth pursuing.

Stephanie received a certificate in Christian Dating from the Evangel Cathedral Bible School and graduated with a B.S. in Industrial Psychology and is currently pursuing her M.A. in Christian Counseling.

Whether advising singles, conducting workshops, speaking in a church, business, civic, or university setting, Stephanie is dedicated to empowering individuals to walk into their destiny!