Are you frustrated with dating?

Do you feel that you keep going through the revolving door of love?

Do you want the best out of life and out of your relationships?

Are you tired of becoming an option and not the one and only?

Do you feel that you are prepared for your mate, but at times you are unsure?

Well if you answered yes to all of these questions, then you should consider a singles coach.

What is a singles coach? Singles Coaches help people recover from a tough break-up or just to be confident in being single. Breaking-up isn't the end of the world, in fact it's a time to reflect, find yourself and thrive. Singles Coaches focus on helping you to be self confident, secure with yourself by yourself, and to remember where ever you are is the place to be.

Stephanie Shea will provide you with guidance to equip you and align you with God's purpose for your life.  You can count on her to ensure you are living out the plan that God intended for your life, because when you are walking in His will, He will be your provider, and you will lack nothing to accomplish His purpose for you. Stephanie Shea can help you move to that place.

  • Wake-up Girl! Intervention Sessions
    • You will work with Stephanie Shea 1-on-1 if you would like personal feedback and accountability when making destiny decisions regarding dating, relationships, sexual purity, and overcoming barriers. What you will receive:
      • Coaching on-location or via Skype
      • (5) Live Coaching Calls with Stephanie Shea (45 minutes each) accompanied with discussion guide
      • Final action plan and (4) weekly accountability sessions


  • Girlfriends Intervention  (2-5 people)
    • Help! She need an intervention! Get your girls together and let's have a carefrontation! Stephanie Shea will help you navigate through that hard conversation that you need to have with that important person in your life to share needed information, gain clarity, express your feelings, and set boundaries in order for the relationship to advance, heal, and grow.  What you will receive:
      • On-location only
      • A maximum of 1.5 hour of guided discussion
      • Final action plan and (4) weekly accountability sessions