The Decisions You Make Determine Your Destiny!

Stephanie Shea, a former side-chick is a destiny navigator, pathfinder, author, and speaker that empowers individuals to make destiny decisions.  She uses guiding principles like: patience, faithfulness, self-control, integrity and honesty to influence individuals to make good conscious dating decisions.  Stephanie cultivates a community of singles to enjoy dating, to want better for themselves in the area of love, and to protect their destiny while preparing themselves to meet their purpose partner.  She works with singles to break through the barriers that keep them from their God design.


"Stephanie is such an amazing and God fearing woman. She encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and truly become the woman that God has created you to be! My life has been extremely blessed knowing her and I always know I have an accountability and prayer partner with her!” -Ashley
“A year after I recommitted my life to Christ, God began to speak to me about purity.  He told me that he wanted better for me in the area of love and it was then that he began to work on my heart. Along my path God placed a dating class and a woman named Stephanie. As a result, a fire for God's purity has been placed into my heart that I continue to share with others.  God is faithful in this area and when choosing a mate I have to learn to really trust him.  I am so grateful for women like Stephanie Shea who serve as constant reminders of God's heart for purity. “ -Robyn J.
“Stephanie Shea has an amazing heart for women especially single women who are trying to survive in our current dating world.  The knowledge that I have obtained from her has opened my eyes to things I never thought about before and things that I tried to avoid.  I have learned so much more than basic dating rules & tips.  I have learned to work on becoming the person that God intended me to be for everyone not just my future spouse.  She is truly an inspiration and I am grateful that God has put her into my life. _ –Robyn W.

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