Are You Living With Frogs? Part II

I grew up near the Garden Valley projects in Cleveland, Ohio.   On my street there were only seven houses, two large factories, and empty fields with chemical-filled barrels.  In the brick street, we played kickball, dodgeball, tag-you-it, hang-go-get-it and hide-and-seek to create the illusion of a fun day in park.  We made the best of our youthful days in a deserted area, believe me... My friends and I had a good time creating games to play with each other.  The boys from the Valley would come over to play with the three boys on our street and they would go over under the Kinsman Bridge to “Tadpole Land” to catch frogs.  Me and the girls would go to support them by carrying the jars that they would keep the tadpoles in, but other than that, we thought it was gross to touch frogs.  We would return home with jars full of tadpoles to raise up into frogs.

One day I brought a jar home with tadpoles in it and my momma said, “Don’t you bring that thing in this house”.  I said “But Ma, it’s going to become a frog one day”.  She said “well, I don’t want it turning into a frog in my house because it ain’t supposed to be in here, frogs belong outside in a pond somewhere with the rest of them”.  So I took the tadpoles outside and because I didn’t have a pond I kept them in the jar in the back of my house. 

A couple of days later, one of my tadpoles died and I could not figure out why?  They were in the jar with plenty of water and the lid had holes in the top so that air come in but it still died.  So I decided to take the remaining tadpoles back to the pond.  But the problem was, I couldn’t remember which pond they came from.  I looked and noticed that this one pond had a lot of frogs leaping out of the water and another pond where it was just tadpoles with no frogs.  I decided to put the tadpoles in the environment where the frogs were leaping.

Now that I am older, I understand why the tadpole died. Tadpoles are part of the amphibian kingdom, naturally cold-blooded animals.  Amphibians cannot generate their own body heat, instead they rely on the temperature of their environment to help them keep warm or cool enough to survive.  You see by us taking them out of the pond and placing them in the jar, the temperature that they were used to changed and they couldn’t thrive, so they died.

Another key fact that I’ve learned about frogs is that they can change their gender.  Yes I said it, they can change from being a male to female and vice versa.  You may wonder, why would they want to change their gender? They change their gender in order for them to survive according to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.  I won’t go into details on how they change based on the XY and XX chromosome but what triggers their change is when they determine that there is a disproportion between the males and females or vice versa.  A chemical in their genes will activate allowing the male or female organs to disintegrate and start the development of the other organ.

DESTINY DECISION TIME! Are you living with frogs?

You may be wondering “Why is Stephanie Shea giving me a science lesson on frogs? How does this pertain to making Destiny Decisions?” Well here’s why…envision yourself as  a tadpole who’s survival requires that you rely on your environment and if there were too many of one particular type of frog, a chemical in your body automatically changes you into the predominant species.


Now think…what type of frogs are in your environment?  Are they negative, do they have a pessimistic mindset, are they lifting you up to help you develop into a frog so that you can leap out of the pond to bigger territory.  Are the frogs in your environment not progressing, waiting on someone to make life happen for them, do they act with integrity, and do they want the best for their life and is making moves to get to where they want to go? Then ask yourself, do I want to morph into this type of frog? Or do I take the risk and allow myself to be captured and placed in a different environment whose temperature is something that I am not used to but is more suitable for me so that I can develop and thrive.

Your frogs can be your home, family, friends, your job, a relationship, a social group, or the city that you are living in. As we close out this first month of the year, think about where you want to be and if the frogs you are living with can help you leap.  Don’t be afraid to be captured by a dream, a new city, or a new relationship that can help you reach toward the destiny that God has planned for you.  Believe in yourself and trust God through this process.  You are a leaper so jump into the best life that God has planned for you in 2015!  Make destiny decisions that would keep you adjusting to different temperatures in order for you to survive