Are You Living With Frogs? Part I

This past October, I went to the T.D. Jakes Woman Thou Loose Conference.  The theme was “The Wait Is Over”.  It was the first time that I participate in this conference so I didn’t know what to expect.  I had an amazing time worshipping and I heard some dynamic messages.  One presenter was Christine Caine of Hillsong Church in Australia, we called her our “Australian Cousin”.  She delivered a powerful message from Exodus chapter eight where the Lord told Moses to tell Pharaoh to let his people go and if he didn’t, the Lord would send frogs to cover the land.

“Then the LORD said to Moses, “Go to Pharaoh, and tell him, ‘This is what the LORD says: Let my people go to worship me. If you refuse to let them go, I will bring a plague of frogs on your whole country. The Nile River will swarm with frogs. They will come into your palace, into your bedroom, on your bed, into the houses of your officials, on your people, into your ovens and into your mixing bowls. The frogs will jump on you, on your people, and on all your officials.’ ” (Exodus 8:1-4 GW).  

I don't know about you, but reading that passage made me squirm in my seat!  I mean He said that frogs will be in your bed, ovens, mixing bowls, and they would even jump on you!!! That is gross!  Well Pharaoh, as we know, refused.  So the Lord sent a plague of frogs.  Pharaoh was like Moses please tell the Lord to take the frogs away from me and my peoples and I will do as He pleases.

But here is the kicker! Moses was like “dude, okay I can do that, when do you want me to tell the Lord to have the frogs to leave y’all?  Pharaoh was like…tomorrow.  Christine had the whole audience looking at this text like seriously? Did Pharaoh really say that?  Now you probably read this text before and never thought about the word tomorrow because you were probably thinking it was cool, because God will answer his prayer tomorrow.  Hey if Pharaoh likes it, I love it…right?

Nooooooo! People read the text: “Moses answered Pharaoh, “You may have the honor of choosing when I should pray for you, your officials, and your people. Then the frogs will leave you and your homes….’Pray for me tomorrow, Pharaoh said.’” (Exodus 8:9-10)  Listen, Moses was telling Pharaoh that our God can answer your prayer, just tell me when you want me to go to the throne for you because our God is a prayer answering God…and this fool said “tomorrow”!

Christine asked “now what will make a person want to stay one more night with frogs”?  That was an excellent question!!! Today’s frogs can be drugs,  negative relationships, your past, guilt, sin, shame, a job or anything that is paralyzing you. Christine asked us “right now, in 2014 what are the frogs that is on you, in you, surrounding you, and paralyzing you?”  I mean she had an audience of 25,000 women standing up on their feet screaming because within minutes she made such a valid point that we needed to hear.

Today, I can admit that I have frogs in my life paralyzing me.  A few of them include procrastination, not trusting God, and fear. Now I know that these things are not of God and they all stem from worrying.  So I know what my task is for in 2015, and that is to pray to God to remove the frogs from me today, not tomorrow! I mean seriously, I have heard and read so many messages about trusting God and don’t fear but here I am going around the same ol’ laps just like they did in Egypt for 40 years in the wilderness.  As I go into the New Year and embrace the destiny that God has for me, I will release doubt and unbelief. I will let Him fill me up again because greater is He in me with making a decision to deal with each and every frog that tries to paralyze me daily.

DESTINY DECISION TIME! Do you want God to remove the frogs from your life today, or tomorrow?

I challenge you to think about the frogs that you have in your life and make a decision to not live with them for one more night! Instead of saying “I will start working out tomorrow, say I will start working out today!” Instead of saying “I will stop smoking tomorrow, say I will stop smoking today!” Instead of saying “I am going to stop having sex with that man after he give me money for my car note, say I will stop sleeping with him today!” Instead of saying, “I will propose to her when I feel like I got my life in order, say I will propose to her today!” Instead of saying “I will start reading my bible or a devotional at the beginning of the month, say I will start today!”  Instead of saying “I will start going to church next Sunday, say I will go to church today!” Instead of saying “I will start tithing once my bills are paid off, say I will start tithing today!”  There is no time like the present.

Listen, you have to believe that you can do it, but just know you can’t do it alone.  You need to lean on God and get yourself an accountability partner in 2015 to help you to stop going around and around in the wilderness.  You can do it!  There is nothing to big that God can’t do for you.  Just make the decision TODAY, to stop living with your frogs.

For more information about the message, check out: T.D. Jakes Woman Thou Art Loose “The Wait is Over

Trust me, all the messages will bless your life! Start TODAY, Not TOMORROW!